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Hello we are L3MOON-STUDIOS
Welcome to our page and thank you for visiting!!

We are a group of artists offering our art services ranging from animation, game assets and sculpting figures.
Artists available are Yenohd, Pixiepen and Zellyine

Commission Types we offer
click buttons for pricing and infos

animation commission: RikkaxTouka by L3Moon-StudiosCommission: animation Pianomatn by L3Moon-Studios

commission: DAWN-Idle sprite by L3Moon-StudiosCommission: Clairissiana Sprite by L3Moon-Studios

Sprite Commission: Super-echii by L3Moon-Studioscommission: monster sprite by L3Moon-Studios

Commission: Cliff Pixel Tiles by L3Moon-StudiosCommission: Forest Pixel Tiles by L3Moon-Studios

Sculpture Commission: JeffG close-up by L3Moon-StudiosSculpture Commission: Sera by L3Moon-Studios

Blood by L3Moon-Studioscommission-panstrife by L3Moon-Studios

Commission-Battle BG by L3Moon-Studiosbackgrounds2 by L3Moon-Studios


♡ Yenohd ♡

Yenohd || Multi-artist || Wacom User || Philippines


Explicit 18+ site: @ HentaiFoundry, username L3Porn

Hello :) My name is Yenohd, I'm an anime artist, sculptor, game illustrator, pixel/sprite artist and animator as my work. My interests are Onepiece, Sailormoon, Yaoi, Hentai or Adult comics and HeavyMetal Fantasy Magazine. Feel free to browse my gallery

♣ FAQ ♣

what program do you use?

how did you make those gif animations?
--there's a "timeline" option at photoshop, its useful for frame-by-frame animation. Just google on how to use it, I have no time giving tutorials ^^;

you have so many skills, do you do this for a hobby or work?
--thanks. I'm doing these for the sake of work. Well kinda 90% work, and 10% hobby. I have other different hobbies.

And to be honest, I was desperate for work back then..... When art doesnt sell well, I switched to sculpture, and when sculpture has less customers then I'll learn to pixel, and when there was no pixel commissions, I study animations...... I dont know what more skills I'll go next but yeah, when you need work, you gonna do a lot of stuffs just to get customers...
And thats how I got all these skills today. ^^;

why do you like breasts?
--ehh? ah no, those are commissions. I love the booty more than boobies :heart: heheh


Pixiepen art status

♡ Pixiepen ♡

Pixiepen || Pixel Artist || Philippines

I am a pixel/sprite artist accepting commission for games.
I also do sewing for custom pouches and whatnot.
feel free to browse my GALLERY

Sprite commission: Xtremeive by L3Moon-Studios Sprite commission: elmsdor by L3Moon-Studios

♡ Art Status ♡

1. Juan O :Pink Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios (animated sprite: set2)
2. Horizon's EndPink Bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios (animated sprite: set4)
3. :iconbottomlesspitstudios:Pink Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios(animated sprites)
4. :iconmetamadness: /ChaosBPink Bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios(animated sprite #5)
5. :iconmalfunit: (rpgmaker vx sprites) (delay)

6. silentj1986 (TBD sprites)

Zellyine art status

♡ Zellyine ♡

Zellyine || Artist/Animator || Philippines

A shop keeper by day, and animator by night.
Loves doing animations as her part time job.
feel free to browse my GALLERY

Animation Commission2: Shota Idol by L3Moon-Studios Animation commission: apocalypse1415 by L3Moon-Studios

♡ Art Status ♡

1. :icongiantessstephanie:Blue Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios (long animation with Yenohd)

2. :icondylanrockin2122:Blue bar-50%done by L3Moon-Studios (long animation with Yenohd)

3. :iconharuhichaos:Blue Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios (part 2: short animation w/ Yenohd)

4. :iconalexmasse:/ Ernesto M (4 animated sprites)

5. :iconvictorfreeman:/ Patrick G (HQ short animation with Yenohd) (delay)

6. :iconshadowjager321: (char design + gif animation) (March)

7. ---vacant---

Can and can not do

♢ Can and Can Not do List ♢

-We can accept long term commissions
-We accept Hentai/Yuri/Yaoi
-We can accept explicit adult themes (but will post them in HentaiFoundry)
-We may accept anthro/furry but are limited

-We can NOT draw cartoons (not good with them yet)
-We can NOT draw chibi art (not good with them yet)
-We can NOT draw explicit anthro/furry, but echii is fine
-We can NOT draw animal porn like ponies (for those who are persistent, then we will charge you $1,000 for a simple 6-10 frame animation. I'm not joking >:E )


Mar 28, 2015
9:05 pm
Mar 28, 2015
8:12 pm
Mar 28, 2015
6:47 pm
Mar 28, 2015
6:31 pm
Mar 28, 2015
5:47 pm

frequent visitors

Frequent Visitors:

I noticed these people who frequently visits me and I just want to thank them for doing so. :)

:iconbattlejesus: :iconfp5neon: :iconffleret:


Animation Commission - Closed

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 10, 2015, 12:48 AM
Note: this is a new journal, sorry for the watchers that received 3-4 similar journals of this topic. When I edited this topic, the whole page disappeared! So it took me 3-4 tries and this is the last one that didnt disappear. sigh.

Update: March 10, 2015
For those who wishes to inquire for an animation commission, please send me a note so I can reserve you a slot for the next batch of commissions. :)


1. :icongeistis:Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios - long animation scene (Yenohd is sketching, may take a long while)
2. :icongreatdragonad:Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios - very long animation scene (part 1) (Yenohd is sketching)
3. :iconandronicusvii:Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios - dancing animation (Pixiepen is sketching, may take a long while)
4. :iconunskilledninja:Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios - very short animation clip (Yenohd is sketching)
5. :iconwhassup86:Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios - hentai animation slip (Zellyine is sketching)
6. :icontitswifter:Lrg Red Bar-25% by L3Moon-Studios- icon animation (Zellyine is inking)
7. :icondylanrockin2122: - short animation clip (starting TBD)
8. :iconpianomatn:Lrg Red Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios-hentai tentacle animation (Zellyine is coloring, almost done)
9. :icongiantessstephanie:Lrg Red Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios-long animation scene (Yenohd is coloring backgrounds, may take a while)

10. :iconshionrasenka:Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios  -  Kiriban winner of 6 frame animation
11. :iconbattlejesus:Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios - Kiriban runner-up of simple motion graphics


Ok, my friends Zellyine and Pixiepen has been pestering me to do animations, they are my in-between animators..... And since I am almost done with my current commissions, I have vacant time to work as key frame artist, they will be the main animators, so the full work are mostly to them. To my current customers, please not to worry, I'm just helping out my friends for their animation cravings and I like to take this as an opportunity to start the orders in the waiting list :)

So I will be contacting the people in my animation wait list for their orders. To those who also want an animation commission, please feel free to contact me. If in case some of the wait list has back out, you can have their vacant slots :)

Animation samples:
Sanji-shower animation by L3Moon-Studios  Furry Muscle Growth Commission : Abby- by L3Moon-Studios    animation commission: RikkaxTouka by L3Moon-StudiosZoroxNami Animation by L3Moon-Studios


Price Update: Feb 22, 2015
ANIMATION#1: Indie Animation = $50+
Artist: Zellyine
Content: 6-frames with simple background
Size: 600x450 max size
Format: GIF, MOV, AVI, FLV, MP4
Tool: Photoshop, Sony Vegas
additional frames: $7-10 per frame

ANIMATION#2: HQ Simple Animation= $65+

Artist: Yenohd, Zellyine
Content: High Quality animation, with slight video effects, very simple that only have partial movements.
Size: 600x450 max size
Type: GIF animation or video
Tool: Photoshop

ANIMATION#3: HQ Animation = $120+
Artist: Yenohd, Zellyine, Pixiepen
Content: High Quality animation, with video effects, full movements like running, fighting, etc.
Size: 1280 x 720 max size
Format: GIF, MOV, AVI, FLV,

I contact the Kiriban Winner from my 300K celebration. But seems I have not receive an answer yet.... To :iconshionrasenka:  please reply to my message or NOTE me for your prize. ^^; I'm very sorry it has been a while for my availability for your prize.... And to :iconbattlejesus: I will also start making your prize :D

I also need to write my current status as a reminder for myself.

1. DM Lrg Red Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios(sprite set) (vip customer)
2. :iconcutieadorable18: Sculpture Progress Bar-clay by L3Moon-Studios(8 inches sculpture +  6 inch bjd)
3.:iconstryler: Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios  art trade a pixel sprite for a Portgas D Ace art


black + blue by Ikue Clean Cut by Ikue Crest by Ikue

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It seems there's a new hating and attack trends roaming around deviantart for a while. I call this COPY and TRACE HATERS. And I wish to give these attackers some informations about Copying and Tracing.

why am I writing this when haters are pretty common?

I never write anything that is related to hate or attacks, I just brush them off to keep any more hatred away from my account. Unfortunately this hating has gone too much. A friend of mine has been attacked by a hater and accusing her of stealing art and other harsh comments. Some of us watchers are defending her, but this hater started threatening everyone by reporting us for "harassment" when all we do is defend our friend from these accusations. It went bad. The art in question is a FANART commission. I'm sorry I can not post or link the issue as I dont want to cause any more stress and inconvenience towards my friend.

But what I am more concern about is what this hate causes to an individual. My friend...became sick and says that the doctor claims it was stress and over-fatigue, all stemming from the hating attacks and defending oneself. She missed her school exams and valentines day. Just because someone could not get a grip of themselves in accusing a start up artist who draws and copies for fanart. This isnt the only incident that I pass by, there were others who are far worst.

I have been around DA since 2003 and have encountered a lot of attacks. This time the attacks are worst and causes heavier damage than before. Hating attacks have cause anxieties, low esteem, destroyed confidence and especially closing one's DA account.

"good she finally learned her lesson" a comment after a young starting artist closed their account from all the hate they received. This is by far the worst comment I ever read when a beginner artist, lost their confidence to pursue art in an earlier stage. And they have closed their account and announce that they will never draw again. I am disgusted by these haters that they feel so high of themselves to be happy after destroying a person's confidence and someone's dream to become an artist.

Depression is on the rise this past few years, and sometimes these haters are the cause of it. I encountered some people online who feel terrible about themselves. I try to help them get their confidence back. Some of my customers also canceled their projects in the middle of development, because they feel anxious of what people might say to them. I do not mind the cancellation since I can find another customer, but I feel sorry for them that they didnt get the chance to achieve their goal when its very close to the finish. :(

I find it even frustrating that people would tell the victim to stop instead of stopping the attacker. That only works for trolls, not haters. This is a similar treatment of bullying...and you are telling the victim to stop reacting against their bully?! That will make the bully not learn that what they're doing is wrong. And they will be more confident to attack, and become even abusive...and the victim getting deeper damage.... I advice these people to instead tell the hater to stop, not the victim. Whether the hater would react to your stopping or not, let them know that 'this is enough'.


"You are a Plagiarist! Art Thief! Your work are Rip-offs!

It seems these 3 common words have been mis-used against fanarts, referencing material and even INSPIRED works. Let me explain what these words means:

ART THIEF - I first encounter this word here in deviantart from its earlier years around 2003. These thieves are people that downloads your art and post them in their own account and claim it as theirs for the heck of it. Thankfully deviantart has now developed with report options against art thieves so they are easily deleted/removed in their account or ban them. Art thief are also thieves who upload your work to sites where they can sell multiple prints of your art without your knowledge and keep the income to themselves. Thats how they are called art thieves, thieves steal items/money, add 'art' into it and they are stealing artworks for fame or money.

PLAGIARIST - these are artists who trace or completely copy someone's artwork and then claims the work as their own, not crediting the original artist. This is called against published works more than unpublished work since publishing also portrays a proclamation or recognition of your skill, when it is not even their original. And its making money or awards from it.

RIP-OFF - this is more like editing the artwork and claim it as their original. Like an imitation product.

FANART - are artworks created by fans for their personal enjoyment. It can be traced over the original, can be copied or even edited or apply photo manipulating graphics however the artist feels.

REFERENCE - is an image where the artwork is based. This can be based from existing artworks, photos/videos, and modeling.

INSPIRED WORK - lets say you saw a dragon art, you got inspired, then you also draw a dragon art of your own, no need copying, no referencing or basis, but just pure idea out of your imagination but similarly with the original art you saw. Thats inspiration, and of course you are not the only person who got inspired, so you have other artists who are also inspired from the same source and they have different dragon art but with similar themes.

I hope this helps everyone from knowing the differences. Someone calling a fanart as art thief is obviously....not knowledgeable.........Eye Roll 

"You have no right to copy a known published work! that's copyright infringement"

Please remember whats the difference between the use of fanart and copyrighted material. Fanart, whether they copy it full or not is plain HARMLESS FUN by the artist who loves the show. It can also by means of PROMOTING the production. Viewers who dont know the tv show/movie might become curious of the fanart. They might search/google about the show and who knows if they become a fan of it and started BUYING the show's products! This is how fanart works, it helps promoting.

For Copyright infringements, this works on fellow productions. If someone made a product similarly to the original one and published it for mass distribution, then you are really a plagiarist and going against copyright infringements. This works in business, not fanart, not even fanwork productions.

Fanwork productions like doujinshi or handmade crafts do not mass produced enough to overtake the original products. (lf it does, which is very very rare, the company will only ask you to halt productions OR ask you for a contract for business negotiations. Thats all.)

"Dont react to haters"

This depends on the hating. This is not like trolls who have empty accounts that make a mess for the fun of it. These are REAL people with full accounts and their name on it, and are accusing you of something that they think its wrong. With art thief and plagiarism cases around, you can not let this slide before others will believe in these accusations. And you have the right to defend yourself.

Also, you are PUBLICLY called out for an action that is commonly wrong. But these are people who are humiliating you, degrading you, and doing this on purpose to make you discourage at what you are creating. This is hate. If what you are doing is a harmless fanart, whether you have forgot to place the credits or not, this is no way to deserve such harsh discrimination over your work.

"You are making money of copyrighted work!"

This is a common argument against commissions related to fanart or copying an original production (also called as copy commissions). Again, as mention above, fanart are harmless fun and joy of the die-hard fan. But you can not expect every fan can draw. So those people who cant draw will commission an artist to draw for them. They can hire a professional or an indie artist to draw their fanart as long as they can afford it. And again, this is HARMLESS FUN. This is mostly free for view and doesnt even use commercially. Why would you even go against copy commissions when its been around for years is beyond me.

The most common copy commission is the Caramell Dansen:…
People would commission artist to make a caramelldansen animation for their favorite characters or OC (original character).…

Even we have been commissioned twice by different customers years ago:

Lombax Caramelldansen by ranmafan1 carameldansenboobs by L3Moon-Studios

"They are getting commissions but they copy from productions"

Another common argument against beginner artists who are accepting commissions. They are beginner artists, of course they copy from known productions since they're just learning to draw. Please be aware that some customers can not afford to pay professional artists for their doujinshi or manga. The most affordable they can get are beginner artists who charges very little. Customers are aware that they copy and are not yet original in style and composition. The work produced are also mostly not for commercial use. If it does, that will depend on the mass production of copies. Dont forget that some sell prints in personal blogs for the fun of it, NOT for mass distribution that will go against copyright laws.

And please be aware that even professionals copies to fellow professionals. Some are traced, some are referenced:…………

My most favorite artist, Luis Royo, traces from advertisement posters.………… (this one I was shock to find out that the guy is a known singer. I dont know him at first but thanks to my bro he told me he is a singer from Aerosmith, I check out their music, liked it, and thus I bought one of their albums :XD: Not a die hard fan tho, but I love his songs! Especially "Dude Look Like a Lady". Ah the memories...:D This is a good example of art trace where the source got promoted also. so why go against trace/referenced art if it can advertise?)

"You're work is a rip-off from this artist!"

Another common accusation against INSPIRED works. All artists starts from somewhere and have inspiration towards some professional artists while they are still beginners. And of course, they are not alone, a lot of artists will have the same inspirations and will end up with the same themes and ideas. NOT ripping-off someone else's style.

A good example for this is the magical girl theme:
Magical Girl Collage by rubypearl31  (1980-1990)  (1992-1995)  (1996-1999)  (2001-2004)  (2005-2006)  (2007-2010)

No matter how you look at these magical girls, they all have similarities. They all are inspired from the ones who were published earlier.

Another common issue is that when the art are both similar in composition or idea is that they might have THE SAME reference material. Here's a good sample.

You see this: That shower made me so wet by ichan-desu

And my work is this: Sanji-shower animation by L3Moon-Studios

Then you will of course accuse me of plagiarism.
BUT if I tell you I got the pose from this:…

Then yeah, you just accused someone who unexpectedly have the same pose reference from the other. I never even seen that art by ichan before. I just found it today from my searching for more shower scene.... :XD:

So I must inform you that when you see something similar, it doesnt mean that they are plagiarizing. And please note that some ideas are too common that it will have similarities with others by chance. Artists also reference from other artworks for the pose or idea. Not disrespecting the original artist, but sometimes when the pose fits the idea then they reference it.

"Why copy/trace, you wont learn from it!"

We have enough tutorials on how to draw all over the net. But we do not need to push a start-up/beginner/young artist on how to learn to draw. Let them learn on their own, let them discover on their own. Everyone starts somewhere. And if they decide to go to art school to learn more, then its good. If they decide to learn on their own, then let them be. Every person have their own methods in learning. And there is NO law against it.

Star  Star  Star  Star  Star

Well this is so far what I want to write about these hating attacks. If there are some issues come up, I'll update this for additional infos. If there are any lack of infos or corrections in this article, then please let me know. :)

I understand that there are cases of plagiarism and art theft. I will create another journal about what proper things to do than sending hate messages. 


If I open a Patreon, what would you like? 

35 deviants said Animation (fan made animations)
24 deviants said Games (Visual Novel or RPG adventure)
16 deviants said Tutorials (not good at teaching tho)
4 deviants said other - please specify

we are thinking of making a Doujin Visual Novel game. what anime would you like? 

25 deviants said Onepiece
21 deviants said all anime characters in one game XD
15 deviants said Sailormoon
13 deviants said Fairytail
11 deviants said Bleach
9 deviants said Naruto
8 deviants said other, please specify
5 deviants said FullMetal Alchemist

I am thinking of an echii game, what type of characters would you like? 

63 deviants said Oppai girls! all the huge size and shapes :XD:
36 deviants said Can we have ALL of them in one game?! :D
19 deviants said Furry girls, different types of animal-like babes =P
19 deviants said Monster girls, slime, harpies, demonness, etc :O
12 deviants said Highschool girls, the usual dating sim :)
9 deviants said Aliens, 3 boobs, tentacle hair, glowing skin and such ;)
3 deviants said other, please specify, I would like to hear your ideas.


new box


We will contact you when its your turn for your commission. All progressed orders are transferred to our Journal.

If you wish to be included in our waiting list, please read the Price List and send us a note for discussion.



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