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Hello we are L3MOON-STUDIOS
Welcome to our page and thank you for visiting!!

Commission Types we offer
click buttons for pricing and infos

animation commission: RikkaxTouka by L3Moon-Studios
catgirl waitress by L3Moon-Studios

Commission: Clairissiana Sprite by L3Moon-Studios

Pink Princess by L3Moon-Studios

animation commission: RikkaxTouka by L3Moon-Studios
catgirl waitress by L3Moon-Studios

Commission: Cliff Pixel Tiles by L3Moon-Studios

backgrounds2 by L3Moon-Studios

For more samples:


♡ Yenohd ♡

Yenohd || Multi-artist || Wacom User || Philippines


Hello :) My name is Yenohd, I'm an anime artist, sculptor, game illustrator, pixel/sprite artist and animator as my work. My hobbies are collecting old classic books, box designing and doll making. My interests are Onepiece, Sailormoon, Yaoi, Adult comics and HeavyMetal Fantasy Magazine. feel free to browse my gallery

♣ FAQ ♣

what program do you use?

how did you make those gif animations?
--there's a "timeline" option at photoshop, its useful for frame-by-frame animation. Just google on how to use it, I have no time giving tutorials ^^;

you have so many skills, do you do this for a hobby or work?
--thanks. I'm doing these for the sake of work. My hobbies are different.


Yenohd art status

♡ Yenohd's Art Status♡

NOTE: I am a little slow due to personal problems. For more info, please check this journal:

1. :iconesotericdichotomy:Lrg Red Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios [link]
2.:icongreatdragonad:Lrg Red Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios [link]

3. DM: Lrg Red Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios [link] [link] [link] [link]

4. :iconsothorael:/bhaelLrg Red Bar-25% by L3Moon-Studios(6 pixel ani-sprites)(change to art sprites)

5. Firmament: Lrg-starting by L3Moon-Studios(2 char sheet + editing)

6. Mミコ (SET2: 100+ tiles/TBD) (preparing orderform)

Can and can not do

♢ Can and Can Not do List ♢

-I can accept long term commissions
-I can accept explicit adult themes (but will post them in a different website for DA restrictions)
-I may accept anthro but I need lots of references (not pro in animals yet)

-I can NOT draw cartoons
-I can NOT draw chibi art (I still need to practice the cuteness)
-I can NOT draw explicit anthro/furry, but echii is fine
-I can NOT draw animal porn like ponies (for those who are persistent, then I will charge you $1,000 for a simple 6-10 frame animation. I'm not joking >:E )



frequent visitors

Frequent Visitors:

I noticed these people who frequently visits me and I just want to thank them for doing so. I am thinking of giving freebies for the best stalker --I mean best visitor and commenters :D eheh. But I have to think about what freebies to give. hmmm.....

:iconbattlejesus: :iconfp5neon: :iconffleret:

if you want to be included, you need to have a recognizable avatar. :D



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11:52 am
Apr 23, 2014
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Apr 23, 2014
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Apr 23, 2014
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1. NEW journal/custom skin Lrg Red Bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
2. Studio Group Lrg Red Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios
3. DA Portfolio
4. Pixiv
5. Anipan
6. Pinterest
7. Fix Tumblr

1. BJD Chibi Dragon Lrg-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
2. ZoroxNami animation Lrg-50%done by L3Moon-Studios
3. Bunny girl animation
4. Character Designs for my Manga

*so many things to do.....T_T
Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] Yay! The new design page are finally done!

I commissioned some custom box coding to my new friend Philaphobia!
:iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz:
:iconsparklyplz: :iconphilaphobia: :iconsparklyplz:
:iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz: :iconsparklyplz:
And I am very happy with her page layouting and codings!!
*hugs pho*  Squish Hug 2 -  The Eye Poke Frozen - HUG! Tight Hug

Pho is also open for commissions and reliable at work. Feel free to contact her when you want some cute characters done. And if you also need some journal designs and custom box coding, she's pretty good at it! :D

samples of her work:
Dream with me || Yumi by PhilaphobiaC|| Jakuzure desu by Philaphobia C|| Nomnomnom Gible desu by PhilaphobiaC|| Heyho hello by PhilaphobiaC|| Wanna join? by PhilaphobiaC|| Hug me~ by Philaphobia

Oh, and before I forget, the Sakura background I made for my custom box came from the cute game site of TinierMe. (aka Selfy) I got attracted to their web design, so I made a custom box version of it. :D You are free to use it if you like. :D

Sakura-CustomBG by L3Moon-Studios   Sakura-welcome by L3Moon-Studios

Finally finished one of my TO-DO list. Now to go back to the "clone myself" idea. :chugsodas: 
  • Mood: Zest
  • Listening to: noisy trucks passing by....
  • Reading: my old manga script
  • Watching: Regular Show
  • Playing: tinierme for the designs. heheh
  • Eating: meat...too much meat
  • Drinking: Zagu
This is a little rant I wanted to take off my chest. :X Please excuse me.

I've been dying to start some pony ball jointed dolls, not just as a sample but as my personal collections. I've been planning this for over a year now, but alas I coudnt even make just one little head of the ponies.

Aside from my frustration over the pony, I want to make some anime ball jointed dolls as well. The model plans are done, but I havent started sculpting yet.... and then there's the dragons I've been working on! Trying to make a bjd dragon thats fully posable and can hang on your shoulder, but damn I've been switching one project to another!

I also wanted to make some animations!! My little bunny girl and ZoroxNami are still in sketch progress...Another Onion Icon

And then the Heavy Metal sprite characters! Then my box designs, the Pirate Girls Manga, and a hell lots of things I wanted to do...Aaaaaah Why cant time just stop for a moment so I have all the 'time' to finish all of these....or better yet, why cant I just CLONE myself! Alone..Onion

Thats all. I know there's an art block where you cant think of an idea to draw...but what if you have loads of ideas you wanted to draw or craft? and you wanted to do all of them at the same time?................

Well... I cant start these things right away...I have a lot of work to finish, setting up a new journal design..... and I need a lot of money for the materials. This is going to take months before I can finish one small project. Sighs.....

end of rant. :x
  • Mood: Regretful
  • Listening to: noisy street cars passing by....
  • Reading: Dragonology
  • Watching: Regular Show
  • Playing: wazhack demo
  • Eating: sweet grapes
  • Drinking: Gulaman

Zellyine art status

♡ Zellyine ♡

Zellyine || Artist/Animator || Philippines

A shop keeper by day, and animator by night.
Loves doing animations as her part time job.
feel free to browse my gallery

♡ To-do List ♡

1. :iconcutieadorable18:Blue Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios(short animation part2)
2. :iconapocalypse1415:Blue bar-done by L3Moon-Studios
3. :icongeistis:Blue Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios (short animation)
4. :icongiantessstephanie: (long animation)

5. ---open slot---

Pixiepen art status

♡ Pixiepen ♡

Zellyine || Pixel Artist || Philippines

I am a pixel/sprite artist accepting commission for games.
I also do sewing for custom pouches and whatnot.
feel free to browse my gallery

♡ To-do List ♡

1. :iconzman1979:/GKPink Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios(set 2: 16 frames)
2. :iconsenztion: /W Pink Bar-75%done by L3Moon-Studios(set 2: 12 sprites)
3. :iconelmsdor:/MT Pink Bar-starting by L3Moon-Studios(machine sprite set 2)
4. :iconrtheartbeat: RT (3 sprites) (waiting for reply)
5. :iconelementgames: (8 animated art sprites with Yenohd)
6. :iconenchantainment:/ Carl R (4 animated art sprites with Yenohd)

7. -----open slot-----


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L3Moon-Studios 6 days ago  Professional General Artist
whoa wait! :o (Eek)  I didnt realize its a little fast...and I have a lot of work to finish :X
There's prolly a month left until you hit 300k lol
L3Moon-Studios 6 days ago  Professional General Artist
oooh cruds. I am so dead. Maybe I should change it to 500k XD haha
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How much do you the sculpture? And the animation?
L3Moon-Studios Apr 15, 2014  Professional General Artist
Sculpture commission:

Animation commission:

Feel free to note us for any questions :)
richard130597 Apr 8, 2014  Student General Artist
You seem to be an animator, are you in this just for a hobee? or do you have a career?
L3Moon-Studios Apr 8, 2014  Professional General Artist
both hobby and career :)
richard130597 Apr 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Well then, do you mind if I ask you some questions about it? It's for some project to get me to know more about the career I want to study.
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